The Missing Piece – A Life Transformed

Just over a year ago, I co-authored an amazing book called The Missing Piece – A Transformational Journey. It touched my heart and re-ignited my desire to write. Little did I know that within a few months I would be contributing to the third book in the series, The Missing Piece – A Life Transformed. But that is exactly what happened. I’m thrilled to announce the publication of this new anthology!
It’s hard to fathom what some people go through in hard times – and how many of us there are. So many people experience almost unbelievable things and never realize how amazing it is that they survived intact. And not only to be in one piece, but to grow and thrive as a result! In The Missing Piece – A Life Transformed, you will read some those amazing stories. Just look!
I joined with a group of 21 of writers led by Kate Gardner to, in her words, “…come forward to spread their light upon you, share their wisdom with you, and share how they completely transformed who they were to become who they are today.” We have all dug deep to share our stories, and I think you will take heart in our revelations. Take a look!
This is not an easy world we live in – we see really bad things happen to good people. Yet we also see unbelievably rewarding and life-affirming transformations come out of hardship. Reading these true-life stories can provide hope to those who need it most.  My chapter is titled “Moms Are Human Too” and I would love to share it with you. 
By getting this book, you will start on the path to make a positive change in your own life. The Missing Piece – A Life Transformed is waiting for you – it’s available right now on Amazon. Transform your life!
As my gift to say thank you to everyone who buys a copy of The Missing Piece: A Life Transformed TODAY ONLY, I am giving away a FREE copy of the Ebook of the first Missing Piece – A Transformational Journey, which was a #1 International best seller: FREE #1 BEST SELLING BOOK! 
Also! Have you seen our website for the book and our YouTube Channel? Probably not, so click here The Missing Piece | A Life Transformed to see the latest.
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